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extraneous | The Return! News
Clan update 2.0

Comments 0 By England nKO in Public News on Wednesday 21 June @ 14:42

Ok so as many of you have noticed we have been inactive in the COD1 scene. Loosing the will to play a game ruined by hackers, retards and shocking public servers. We are reforming the extraneous clan to forfil a progression into other gamings as well as around other platforms of gaming; such as xbox and playstation

The extraneous tag is now to be known as [Ext.] As this is small enough for us to use in other games and platforms.

I have decided to remove Physics from the team, despite being an alright player i do not wish to have certain behaviors in the clan itself. So i wish you good luck else where.

Recruitment is ON, we are seeking team members who would like to come and chill out. not take every game too seriously but to come and have some gaming fun. Feel free to post within out forums and we will take things from there.

Thanks, Extraneous Team

Eclipse Custom (3v3) Tournament - COMING SOON!

Comments 0 By England nKO in Public News on Monday 22 May @ 11:21

So as you may have seen on THiNK Community Forum Azure and other guys from eclipse are putting some effort into the game again but hosting a 3v3 event. Most of these guys i have been with since 2012 So would like to give them as much support as possible even being a small clan that we are. If some of you want to help out with the even then pm me and i will let azure know and if he chooses then im sure he will provide me with some info of what we can do to help.

# There is no Set date agreed just yet.
# There is no Final rules agreed just yet

But stay tuned, i will edit as soon as i get further updates on this event
Until this keep track at the Eclipse-Clan post on their
website @

Teamspeak IP Update

Comments 0 By England nKO in Public News on Sunday 21 May @ 17:18


Ok so sue to issues with the teamspeak server lagging the past few days FUCKMAN has changed ip address at the main server. The server rights and channels are all still the same. Just please edit our teamspeak IP in your bookmark so you dont loose it .

New TS3 IP -

Cod 1 Funwars / Veritas

Comments 1 By England nKO in Public News on Sunday 21 May @ 00:42


Many people for many years have been crying about the lack of anti cheats etc forced upon the 1.1 community scene. Over the years many people have also tried to inflict multiple way of solving this issue, some have been successful and some have not. In the day of ages the community and the game itself is dying due to the old age as well as due to the lack of support we have. People in the community still however, put their time and effort into the game to make it better for us. Meth has put a lot of effort into creating Veritas. Why cant anyone use it? Yes some people have bugs but majority use the same lame excuse "it gives me lags" which is a poor reason not to use it. We at extraneous have been playing every war WITH Veritas on. In the past few days / week we have requested clans to use ac and they have failed to provide when requested. Again, we at extraneous will be stating before the funwar. X on X AC ON this means EVERYONE in the opposition team. Not just the person we speak to.

If the whole team is NOT using Veritas we will NOT play. If you fail to provide the AC's if we request them then we will simply add a 28-0 default win. Of course we expect you to do the same if we fail to provide you with our own AC files when requested.
If you do request our files, please just check the match result that's posted and our links will be there to save individual requests.

Have posted this publicly so everyone who views the site can see. and we hope other clans can do this also. Keep it clean people!


The Return of extraneous

Comments 0 By England nKO in Public News on Friday 12 May @ 10:56

After some time in discussion with other members of our community it bring me great pleasure to announce that the extraneous team is back in business.
You may remember us back in 2013 when the clan was first born eledge to being one of the top clans in the 1.1 community at the time. We then reformed in 2015 under carbons management which had a great run but sadly closed after internal issues. Now in 2017 we are giving the clan one final push of success. Firstly focusing in the Call of duty 1.1 scene to then progress on to other games as before.

Recruitment is on. So please check out the "Recruitment Page" for our terms and conditions along with details on how you can apply. If you have any issues or questions, feel free to post in our website forums or contact nKO (leader) Carbon (co leader) Physix (admin) and one of us will be happy to assist you.

Match Results / Funwars
After a couple of days testing a few things, we have now decided that as from today any matches played will be posted. We aim to be as honest and fair as possible with our wars and would like to hope opponents would do the same in return. We do have lives of our own so please bare with us if match reports are not posted immediately - don't worry, they will be added to the list!

Website / Forums
We welcome all communities to our website. This is the home of the clan. However, we would like to keep our site as clean as possible. Any "bitching" will be removed and if it continues you will be banned from entering our website. Admins will be available if you have any issues, and admins [u]will[/b] be editing or deleting posts that may cause offense.

Otherwise, High fives all round, and time to let the fun begin.