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i have 1 ss but cant add fw as i dont know the scores from other sides lol
nah it has taken only one from dawnville axis omg ******* F12
I don't have screen shots from that match*
I will add it later, I don't screen shots from that as I came in the 2nd side of the map, either fringe or cze got them.
Earth upload the versusTeam fw from yesturday please - thanks
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Back in business

Natiko A posted Jul 28, 17

After man weeks of our clan taken less and less attention to the call of duty 1 scene, Still playing for the fun of the game however, we have decided to show a little more care for the game but kick starting our cod  team over again.

Would like to welcome aboard some old faces to the team starting with Czeczen. Originally from iDeal back in 2012 but after a long break Czeczen has returned to the game and return "home" too - welcome back.

Dimitris, Also a ex iDeal member. he too has decided to return to the game and chill out with another bunch of abnormal people to make himself fit in too - welcome :D

Also welcoming back two Ex Extraneous members, one whom vanished into mid air but we have managed to find him by chasing his smoke clouds. and the other had been removed due to admin decision in the past. However another chance has been granted so lets hope it does not happen.  So id like to welcome back Physics and Rapz.

Carbon has decided to depart from the team due to disagreeing with a decision. Great guy and thanks for efforts he has put into the clan, wish him good luck with his future clan (if any).

Otherwise, we are back in business. Recruitment is OPEN so if you feel as though you are able to laugh with us all night and shoot yourself in the foot whilst having your head shot at in wars, then this is the place for you. Just head over to our Recruitment Section and apply within.

Website Change

Natiko A posted Jul 27, 17

It brings us sad news that due to unsteady, slow speed and proor security we have decided to leave our previous website host and come back to Enjin. I know many of us dont like it but Enjin actually provides some great features. So over the new week or so I will be going through the website keeping onto of the maintenance to have the website site up as best as possible for our needs.
Over the next 48 hours this temporary .enjin.com domain will be updated back to our normal domain name.
Please be patient and apologies for any inconvience we may cause for your stay here.

DayZ - Will you standalone

Natiko A posted Jul 27, 17

We would like to welcome our Day Z team. Though this is not a competitive game and more of a virtual role play survival game, there is actually a lot of PvP involved. Despite Day Z being released back in December 2013 this is game is still on the early access ALPHA release relying fully of its community of players to help and to support their upcoming updates,However with having a passionate community this game is still thriving with excitement and competition.

With 4 existing clan members already having this game we have formed a group welcoming other friendlies to role among us. Its time to be ready to loot up, ambush those pre-looted nerds and take over the map of standalone.

If this is something you are interested in then please head over to our recruitment section to find out how you can become apart of our team for the fight of survival!